Katana Caza Mayor

He won his second C.A.C. Major on June 10th, 2006

Audacity Cuatrero
F.C.A.No. 24178
( Rocco de Antares × Audacity Indiana )
( Owner Koubun Wakashima )

On photo 1 year and 6 months old

Cuatrero won C.A.C. on the show in Bahia Blanca.
The organization of the show was KENNEL CLUB BAHIA BLANCA.
There were 3 different judges, on the June 10 (saturday) and 11 (sunday).
Judges of the shows on the June 10 and 11.

Mr. Marcos Adler

Mrs. Elena Maria Mentasti De Spector

Mr. Adolfo Spector

My handler is Mr. Claudio Pelegrini, 20 years als professional handler, really one of the three bests handlers in Argentina.

Bahia Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, 600Km from Buenos Aires down town.

The top page of the review for July 15 2006 !!
Embajador Argentino, this in english is, Argentinian  Ambassador, Audacity Cuatrero.
He won his 4th C.A.C.Major on June 24th 2006 in Argentina.

The first C.A.C.: Rosario Can Club, May 13 and 14th.
The second C.A.C.: Kennel Club Rahia Blanca, June 10 and 11th.
The 4th C.A.C.: Lomas de Zamora Kennel Club, June 24 and 25th.

He got B.O.B. on one show and 2nd. place on another show,
Cordoba Kennel Club, July 29-30th.

Ch.Arg. Audacity Cuatrero

The 5th C.A.C.: Federacion Cinologica Argentina Aniversario, on July 13-16th 2006.

On photo 1 year and 6 months

On photo 1 year and 7 months

1st. Show: C.A.C., C.A.C.L.A.B., C.A.C.I.B., B.O.B., 4th in Group
2nd. Show: C.A.C., C.A.C.L.A.B., C.A.C.I.B., Reserve in Breed
3rd. Show: C.A.C., C.A.C.L.A.B., C.A.C.I.B., B.O.B., 4th in Group
on Aniversary International Show of The Kennel Club Paraguay, August 26-27th 2006.

Now Cuatrero is Argentina and Paraguay Champion !!

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